The  following arrests do not presume the innocence or guilt
of the individuals listed. 
They are guilty when convicted in a court of law.

     WEEK'S ARRESTS - September 18 --  September24,  2017.    During the week of September 18,, Weslaco police officers arrested  61 persons.  Twenty-seven those were from our city limits, with the other 34 from other towns and the Weslaco ETJ.  Of the arrestees, 11 were  females. Of all arrests, 11 were alcohol offenses, and 10  were drug offenses. There were  9 felony  arrests..                                                                                                                                                   
Some recent felony arrests were



Brothers Arrested on Valentine's Day

Two  brothers, from East Mesquite St. were
taken into custody by Weslaco Police
on drug charges.
They are 
Javier  and Gabriel Momtez.

Javier Montez

                                                        Gabriel Montez, Jr.


A 28 year old man from Mercedes was arrested
for a number of thefts at stores along
Interstate 2. Most of the these
were Class B thefts.

Leonardo Hernandez




On January 27, Weslaco Police braved cold, wet weather
to arrest a 25 year old resident of Missouri street.
Louis Lamar Lucio was taken into custody on
a warrant for Criminal Mischief-B. Lucio is
accused of damaging the window of Frontera Audubon
as he was attempting to force his way into the building.
Lucio was also charger with Resisting.
His bail was set at 15 thousand dollars.  

Louis Lamar Lucio


A local man was arrested  at his home, at 220 N. Cedro, on January 7, 2017. Eric Estevanes, age 34, was charged
with possession of a controlled substance and
possession of marijuana.

Eric Estevanes


A second suspect in the Aggravated Robbery that
occurred at the Weslaco Trailer Park is
Adelaido Medrano, formerly
of Weslaco.

Adelaido Medrano


Danny Lee Hernandez, age 30, was arrested
for Aggravated Robbery, on December 15.
The offense allegedly occurred  at
the Weslaco Trailer Park.

Danny Hernandez


Two men recently arrested are suspected of committing
a number of burglaries and thefts in the 1500
block of  South Orange and South Oregon.

Cruz Bustamante          Kenneth Bustamante


On December 5, 2016, two men were arrested in a
shooting that occurred at Isaac Rodriguez Park.
The two were Edgar D. Hernandez, age 22,
and Manuel  Martinez, age 26, both
of Donna.
The two were charged with Aggravated
Assault andTheft of a Firearm.

     Edgar  Hernandez                   Manuel Martinez     

Municipal  Court Judge Carlos Garza set bail
for each man at $120,000.     


An alert Weslaco police officer on patrol in Pablo G. Pena Park caught two graffiti painters prectically in the act.
[more to follow]

     Kierian Gallardo                     Jessica Santellan       

Each suspect received a $5,000 personal recognizance bond.


Two men were recently arrested for their part in a home
invasion that occurred at an apartment complex
in northeast Weslaco. Both were charged
with multiple counts of aggravated robbery.

          Efrain Tafolla, age 23        Juan M. Rodriguez, age 26
Weslaco                                  Donna



During May, 2016, several items were stolen from a house that
was being remodeled. The house was located in Southland
Heights subdivision. The suspect below, who worked
for the painting contractor, was accused of
the theft.
Taken were plumping fixtures, an air compressor,
frozen meat, and a bottle of liquor. Video
surveillance led to the suspect.

                           Mario Castillo, age 59     


A burglary suspect, Jorge Moreno III, age 28, was arrested on a warrant on Tuesday, October 11. Moreno is accused of breaking into Keno Café, 253 S. Texas Blvd., in the early morning hours of October 10. Cash was taken from the cash register.
        A video surveillance system helped to identify the suspect. Moreno was arraigned by the Weslaco Municipal Court judge, who set bail at $10,000. 

                                                            Jorge Moreno III


      A recent arrest on Sunday, October 9, was Hector Tamez, age 38, of Donna. Hector is charged with two different Aggravated Robberies, both at Stripes convenience stores. In both cases, he threatened the clerk with a knife. The robberies took place about 24 hours apart.
      Hector would have done well to have stayed in Donna for his fund raising or have gone somewhere the police agencies are not quite as alert as Weslaco PD's patrol officers and investigators are.
      Hector went to the well too many times. And where is Hector now? At the Hidalgo County jail, naturally. 

                                                          Hector Tamez


          Ruben Mercado, age 40, of Mercedes, was charged with Intoxication Manslaughter, in the death of June Diaz. 

                                  Ruben Mercado


Weslaco police , on September 20, arrested Ismael Briones, Jr., age 25, on a charge of burglary of habitation. The burglary occurred on Augurs 31, at a residence on Citrus Drive, in Weslaco. Surveillance video was key in identifying Briones.

Ismael Briones, Jr.


          Three adults and one juvenile male were taken into custody in the aggravated robbery, on Wednesday August 24, 2016, at Valero Corner Store.
            Salomon Martinez          Yuliana Castillo              Enoc Torres


       On July  20, Weslaco Police arrested Jorge Moreno III for burglary. Moreno was involved in a burglary ring, in which he utilized young juvenile boys to break into downtown businesses. He was charged with burglaries at Mimi's Attic, Church's Fried Chicken, Fiesta Tex Mex Restaurant, and KFC. The favorite point of entry was the drive thru windows.

Jorge Moreno III


       On July 9, two would-be shoplifters, turned robbers, , were arrested by a special unit of the Weslaco Police Department for Robbery. They are accused of shoplifting over $400 worth of clothing from Ball's store.
       During an encounter with the Beall's employee, the two assaulted him,  threatening to bring back an AK-47 and kill him. They are now housed in CountyJail.

Jesus Garza,Jr.           Mellexis Garcia



        Jose A. Guerra, age 21, od Donna, was arrested for a plethora of felonies and misdemeanors on June 15. These included 6 burglaries of structures, 2 burglaries of vehicles, 3 felony thefts, and 6 charges of Credit Card Abuse. His bail for all these offenses is over $200,000.

Jose A. Guerra



Walking down the street, smoking a little dope, attracts
attention. Especially in the 300 block of South
Border, by Gibson Park.
Rule #2:  If you just burglarized a car, DO NOT
be carrying the loot on your person.
The following suspects were arrested for
Possession of Marijuana and
Burglary of Vehicle.
[Of course, all arrestees are considered
innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.]

Joel M. Blanco  age 17             
Juan. Villarreal   age 20



The three men who broke into the home
in Shawnee Village subdivision are
no longer free to terrorize any
other victims.
All have been arrested, arraigned
and housed in the Hidalgo
County Detention Center.

All three men were charged with Aggravated Robbery
and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

For each man, bail is set at $700,000.

Julio C. Hernandez     Homero Rodriguez, Jr.
  Julio Hernandez, age 23      Homero Rodriguez, Jr., age 27  
   from McAllen                    from Alamo            

Jose E. Vega
Jose E. Vega, age 40
from Donna



On May 13, 2016,Weslaco police arrested  3 adults  
on variousdrug possession charges.
 Operating on
anonymous information,
officers secured a search warrant
and entered the house at 334
Polanco  Avenue, in
Weslaco's northwest quadrant. Illegal drugs
were seized in the raid.

 Janie Rodriguez              Jocelyn Rodriguez

Jaime Montes

334 Polanco



The mother of a 10-year-old boy learned the hard way
that the public library does not provide child
care services. At closing time on April 30,
police were called to take charge of the
young boy who had been dropped off
without adult supervision. The boy
was there for 5 hours.
Mom was arrested  for  child abandonment, a felony.
The judge set her bail at $25,000.
(She also had a parole violation warrant.)

Jessica Sarabia



On April 20, Frank M. Saldana, Jr. turned himself in
to Weslaco police at the police department. A warrant for
burglary of building was served. Saldana is
accused  of a burglary that occurred on Lobo Lane,
in the Weslaco Ranchitos, in 2015.

Frank M. Saldana, Jr.


"It's a Family Affair."

On Thursday night, April 14, at about 11:15pm,  a lone
entered the stripes store on International Blvd. and Sugar
Cane Road and executed a beer run. When the Stripes employee
attempted to retrieve the 2-18 packs of beer,
things got complicated.
The employee and the beer runner got into an altercation
with thebeer runner assaulting the employee.

The employee was able to get the license plate number which
led Weslaco Police to a house in the ETJ. At about 5:30am, two men were arrested at a house on Huatulco Street. They were charged with robbery. The two men were related to each other.


    Jose A. Yanez                            Richard L. Yanez



     On Monday, April 4, at about 8:10am, Weslaco police officers responded to shots fired on Liberty Street. The first officer to arrive found a woman on the ground with a gunshot to her head. Weslaco EMS transported her to Knapp Hospital, where she  later passed away.
      In the area, on Railroad Street, another officer encountered the suspect, who still had the murder weapon with him. He was arrested.
      Later, investigators arrested another man who had left the shooting scene. That man had provided transportation to the shooter to the location of the shooting, which was at 116 N. Liberty.
      Initially arrested was Daniel De Anda, age 50, of rural Mercedes.  The victim was De Anda's estranged wife, Yolanda De Anda.
      De Anda was charges with murder. His bail was set at 1 million dollars. His friend, Jayson M. Shaw, age 38, of Santa Rosa, was charged with murder and Failure to Report a Felony / Death. Shaw's bail was set at $100,000. Both men were transported to the Hidalgo County jail.

                 Daniel De Anda                    JasonM. Shaw   



            A man and woman who were at Knapp Hospital on
legitimate business took advantage of the  situation
to break into and vandalize vehicles parked on the
premises. Unfortunately for this pair, they were
caught and taken to jail.

The two were responsible for 3 vehicle burglaries, 1 theft,
and 1 criminal mischief. Arrested were Rodolfo
Aranda and Carina Perez.  He had bail set at &90,000,
with hers at $30,000.

Rodolfo Aranda                Carina Perez


                              SHOP LIFTING GONE BAD
       Once in a while, a simple shoplifting goes bad and turns into a robbery. At Academy Sports, on March 26, such was the case.
       A customer paid for "some" merchandise, but failed to pay for some other items concealed under his shit. When the shoplifter was confronted by a store employee who tried to detain him, the man shoved the employee, causing the charge to become robbery.
       And wouldn't you know, a Weslaco patrol unit was around the corner, and the officer arrested the man. The stolen merchandise ($136 worth), was recovered, and the shoplifter was taken to jail. The man, Leodan Gonzalez, age 42, was from San Benito and had a theft warrant from another jurisdiction. He has both charges to face.

                                          Leodan Gonzalez


SSSSSS          SSSSSS         SSSSSS

      Another arrest has been made in the Montes illegal drug case. See below.                                                    


+++++       +++++       ++++

The arrest of Romaldo Juan Perez, Jr. has ended
a rash of motor vehicle thefts. Most occurred in the city's
southwest quadrant.
A joint effort of patrol officers, investigators, and
the police department's TRU specialized unit
took down this prolific burglar.
Perez was arraigned on a variety of charges, including
Vehicle Burglary, Credit Card Abuse, and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. Bail for all the offenses
amounted to $185,000. Perez is in the Hidalgo County jail.

Romaldo Perez, age 27

******     *****      ******

Another Street Level Drug
Operation Shut Down
On March 8, Weslaco police officers served a search
warrant at an apartment in the area of
Buena Vista Drive.
A search turned up marijuana and
a controlled substance (bars).
This location is near Margo Elementary School.
Arrested were two persons:

Jose Alonso Velasquez, age 30
Maria M. Velasquez, age 54

Jose A. Velasquez             Maria M. Velasquez

*****     *****     *****

Two Men Arrested for Burglary
Two men were recently arrested for at least three burglaries on
Weslaco's north side, on East Esplanada St. and on North
Cedro St. They burglarized one house twice.

         Gregorio Navarro             Francisco Dominguez

     *****      *****     *****   

                                 Drug House Raided
      During the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 10, Weslaco Police, along with other supporting law enforcement agencies, raided a suspected drug house on East Mesquite Street. Seven (7) people were arrested, including 4 members of the Montes family. Seized were marijuana and cocaine.
     Javier Montes     age 38      Engage in Organized Criminal Activity 
                                                   Possession Controlled Substance
                                                   Possession of Marijuana
     Gabriel Montes, Jr.    age  Interfere with Public Duties

     Gabriel Montes, Sr.    age 61    Possession Controlled Substance
                                                         Possession of Marijuana

      Rosalinda Montes       age 61   Possession Controlled Substance
                                                         Possession of Marijuana

      Eleazar Tafolla, Jr.       age 38    Possession Controlled Substance

      Edith Moreno                 age 26    Possession Controlled Substance
                                                             Possession Marijuana

      Ezequiel Chapa, Jr.         age 22    Traffic Warrants  

      Ricardo Carranza           age32     Engage in Organized Criminal  

      All of the Monteses have bailer out of jail, along with Edith Moreno. Ezequiel Chapa paid a fine. Only Eleazar Tafolla is still in custody.  

     Javier Montes                  Gabriel Montes, Jr.

   Edith Moreno                Eleazar Tafolla     

  Rosalinda Montes           Gabriel Montes, Sr.

                    Ezequiel Chapa                 Ricardo Carranza   
                                                         (Arrested on February 21)    

                   %%%%%           %%%%%%          %%%%%          %%%%%

      Rogelio Salas, Jr., age 21, was taken into custody on December 21. He was charges with Deadly Conduct. The case has to do with shots fired at a mobile home, located on Hollow Road, north of Home Depot.  It appears that some residents and former residents of the mobile home subdivision do not get along with each other.

                                                             Rogelio Salas, Jr.

******     ******       *****  

                                  TWO MEN ARRESTED
                              FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER
       Two men, wanted in a shooting Thanksgiving night at a residence in the 1100 block of Fresno Lane, are in custody. At parties at adjacent yards, an argument led to shots being fired. Two male victims were injured. Both were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.
      Both men were arrested on November 28, without incident. The men are Juan Antonio Romo, age 31, and Joshua L Medelez, age 19. Both were charged with two counts attempted murder. Bail was set at $500,000 for each man.
Juan Antonio Romo                                      Joshua L. Medelez

                    ZZZZ         ZZZZ          ZZZZ          ZZZZ

                                    BURGLAR ARRESTED
     Weslaco Police, with valuable assistance from residents of the Laurel Drive neighborhood, arrested a local man who burglarized one house and two cars.  Justin Maganas, age 29, was taken into custody after a short foot chase. Maganas was also arrested for a burglary on Orchard Drive a few days before. And at the police department, where Maganas was about to be arraigned for the various charges, this slippery character bolted out a door, breaking away to freedom. Which was short-lived. The Public Information Officer made short work of that attempt. Subsequently, Maganas was also charged with "Escape."
     Maganas' total bail amount was $305,000. He is now a resident of the Hidalgo County Jail.

                                                            Justin Maganas


                              KKKKK         KKKKK         KKKKK         KKKKK

                               FROM SHOPLIFTING TO ROBBERY
In the blink of an eye, a misdemeanor theft charge went form shoplifting to robbery. Because the suspect resisted the store's asset protection staff, the suspect is now in the county jail, charged with robbery

                                                          Christina Cavazos


                       YYYY        YYYY         YYYY         YYYY


Two men in an older Pontiac went shopping for drugs at 3AM, on South Cedro Street. They got more than they bargained for. One ended up in the hoosegow, charged with a felony.

Rolando Zepeda

QQQQ        QQQQ       QQQQ       QQQQ


      A drug raid at an apartment in the 100 block of West 1st, in Weslaco, on Friday,September 18, resulted in the arrests of two men and the seizure of illegal drugs and cash. Arrested for Delivery of  a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana was Javier Hernandez, age 24, of Mercedes. Also arrested for Tampering with Evidence, a 3rd degree felony, was Juan Pablo Pena, Jr., age 50, of Weslaco. Both men appeared before the Weslaco Municipal Court Judge, who set bail. Both were taken to county jail. 

         Javier Hernandez                     Juan Pablo Pena, Jr.  
                   ((((((          (((((          ((((((

      The team of Daniel Coronado, Jr. and Amy Coronado went on a
mini crime spree in mid-June, committing thefts, vehicle burglaries, and building burglaries in Weslaco. The pair was caught, and they were linked to thefts and burglaries at Live Oak Nursery and  Delgado's Tire Shop. The pair was first arrested on June 16. They may still be tied to other crimes in the city.  
          On June 30, Daniel Coronado, Jr. was arrested once more, this time for the burglary of the City of Weslaco South Wastewater Treatment Plant at 5210 S. Midway Road.   He appeared before the Weslaco municipal judge, who set bail at $50,000. Coronado was returned to the county jail.                                                    

                         Amy CoronadoDaniel Coronado, Jr.
                                   Amy Coronado              Daniel  Coronado, Jr.       

      Rolando Mendez, Jr. was arrested for burglary of habitation
after a homeowner arrived home and found the 18-year-old man inside her house. Quick action on the part of the home owner, her neighbors, and Weslaco P.D. patrol officers cut Rolando's crime caper short. The burglary occurred in the 100 block of North Kansas.  Rolando used to live in the block, but now he resides at the Hidalgo County Jail.

Rolando Mendez, Jr.
Rolando Mendez, Jr.

      Rene Cantu, age 35, of Weslaco, was arrested by Weslaco Police
for the Aggravated Robbery of Ivan's Drive Thru, 525 N. Cantu Street, on June 10. Cantu is alleged to have threatened the store clerk with a knife during the robbery.

                                           Rene Cantu
 Rene Cantu

                             +++++          +++++          +++++

       Adrian Rios, age 25, of Weslaco, was arrested June 4, for several
burglaries in downtown Weslaco. These occurred at Extreme Nutrition, Excel Finance, and Covington Credit, all in the 500 block of South Texas Blvd. He was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals, just inside Arkansas, as he was traveling to Indiana.
Once he was back in Weslaco, he appeared before the Weslaco municipal
judge, who set  total bail at $450,000. He was transported to the Hidalgo County jail. 

                                      Adrian Rios
                                             Adrian Rios


       Francisco Moreno, age 18, of rural Mercedes, was arrested on warrants for two burglaries committed during the last few weeks. One occurred at Top Gear RC, 413 W. Pile Blvd. and the other at Cisneros Jewelry, 337 S. Texas Blvd. Three juvenile males, whose names cannot be released, also were detained in these burglaries.

                                                    Francisco Moreno


      Adrian Gonzalez, age 18, of rural Weslaco, was arrested on May 8, for Burglary of Habitation. He is accused of burglarizing a house in the Quail Hollow North subdivision, off North Westgate Drive. Subsequently, on May 13, Gonzalez was charged with another burglary at Mi Hacienda Adult Day Care, 2917 N. Westgate Drive.

                                                               Adrian Gonzalez

       Juan I. Reyes, Jr., age 33, of Weslaco, was arrested after
he walked onto the property of Louise Black School without
permission. Confronted by a secularity guard, Reyes allegedly
hit the guard in the face. 

Juan Reyes, Jr
Juan I. Reyes, Jr.

      Mario Arteaga, age 25, of rural Weslaco, was arrested on two warrants
alleging that he robbed a woman of her automobile and robbed another   woman clerk at Ivan's Drive Thru, 525 N. Cantu. In the Drive Thru robbery, Arteaga grabbed the entire cash register to get the money.  In the other incident, he assaulted an acquaintance and took her car. 

Mario Arteaga
Mario Arteaga

@@@@@          @@@@@          @@@@@


On Friday, March 27, three men in a blue sport utility vehicle accosted two teenagers near the movie theater, ordering the victims to give them all they had. Reportedly, they had brandished a knife. The teens ran and reported the incident to police officers working security at the theater.
Quick work led to Weslaco officers following the suspects to Victoria Road and Business 83, where the three suspects were arrested. One was a juvenile.

    Uriel Gomez                           Travis Trevino


      Weslaco Police arrested Ruben Marroquin, age 48, of Weslaco, for a robbery in the parking lot of the Westgate HEB store. As the Loss Control personnel tried to detain Marroquin for shoplifting, he resisted and threatened to shoot both employees. Although no firearm was displayed, he did make furtive movements,  as if he had a weapon concealed in his waistline. He was accused  of failing to pay for baby formula and fajitas. His bail was set at $75,000.

Ruben Marroquin
Ruben Marroquin


&&&&&      &&&&&        &&&&&

     Weslaco Police arrested Priscilla Hope Hernandez, age 35, of Brookshire, Texas, on March 10, 2015. Hernandez was wanted on a warrant for robbery that she allegedly committed on December 21, 2014, at J.C. Penney. A shoplifting gone bad turned a misdemeanor theft into felony robbery when Hernandez resisted detention that was attempted by Penney's employees. She pushed both employees, and then her boy friend intervened and threatened to beat up the employees. She got away then, but dropped her purse in the parking lot. In her hearing before the Weslaco judge, she received  a bail amount of $50,000. She was remanded to the Hidalgo County jail.

                            Priscilla Hope Hernandez                           

    Priscilla Hope Hernandez


&&&&          &&&&          &&&&          &&&&


On March 2, 2015, Weslaco Police arrested Otoniel Tanguma,
age 37, of Mercedes, for the burglary of the Margo's
raspa business at Iowa Ave. and Pike Blvd. This
arrest led to another burglary at El Jardin
restaurant, 1400 E. Pike, which
Tanguma  was also responsible
for. Two birds with one

Otoniel Tanguma
Otoniel Tanguma

Weslaco Police arrested Ricardo Hernandez, age 29
for Failure to Comply with Sex Offender
Requirements, on March 2, 2015.
He was taken into custody after a foot chase
for several blocks in the area of
Pike and Texas.

Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez

+++++        +++++        +++++       +++++



Christopher Garcia

     Christopher Garcia, age 32, (above) was recently arrested for the  murder of Ernesto Ramos, of Weslaco. The killing occurred in late December 2010. Police are still looking for Garcia's accomplices in this crime.

     On Thursday, February 18, the defendant pleaded out, settling for a 4-year prison sentence. He will serve that in the Texas Department of Corrections.

For the "Monitor" story, click the link:  RamosMurder.doc



Fernando Q. Rivera, Jr.

     Fernando Q. Rivera, Jr., age 19,  was arrested on March 29, 2014, for an attempted robbery he is alleged to have committed at a Stripes store on December 20, 2013.

SSSS      SSSS     SSSS     SSSS      SSSS


      On February 12, 2013, Weslaco Police and U.S Marshals took two men into custody on warrants related to a home invasion that occurred on August 30, 2013. At about 4am, on that August morning, three men broke into a mobile home in the Citrus Valley subdivision, near Centerpoint. They threatened the family with guns, and tied up the man of the family, beating and stabbing him. The intruders were demanding money and drugs.
      The men arrested Wednesday were Raul Lozano, age 22, of Ebano Street north of Weslaco, and Hugo Martinez, age 17, of La Feria. They were charged with Aggravated Robbery. The men appeared before the Weslaco Municipal Court  judge who set each man's bail at $750,000. They are now in the Hidalgo County jail.

Hugo Martinez                      Raul Lozano                


{}        {}        {}         {}        {}                         

      One man, wearing gray underwear over his face, robbed the Stripes store, at 725 S. Texas Blvd, on October 21.  The man was located at an apartment at Kansas Ave. and 7th St. and was taken into custody. The money he stole at knifepoint and the pair of gray underwear were recovered as evidence. The robber was arraigned in Weslaco Municipal Court on Tuesday.
      The man is Antonio Rodriguez, age 40.

Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez

<>        <>       <>        <>       <>




###       ###       ###       ###       ###

        Saul E. Rios, age 17, from McAllen was arrested by Weslaco police
investigators after he was stopped by customs at the Hidalgo
bridge, as he tried to cross a stolen Chevrolet Silverado pickup
he had allegedly stolen from the Petco parking lot. (May 17)

Saul E. Rios 

                                           YYY       YYY       YYY       YYY       YYY


Cold case murder suspect, Arturo Almaguer, age 43,
  was recently transferred  by Hidalgo County
Sheriff's deputies from Michigan to Edinburg.

Almaguer is accused in the double murder of Evan and
Wilda Squires, of Canada, who were brutally shot
to death in their mobile home at Magic Valley
Trailer Park, on November 13, 1988.
DNA was instrumental in linking Almaguer to the murders.

Weslaco Municipal Court Judge Carlos Garza set
Almaguer's bail at $1 million on the
capital murder charge.

The murders of this couple motivated Weslaco
business people to create the Weslaco Crime Stoppers program.

Arturo Almaguer


                         $           $           $           $           $


     The two men below were arrested for the robbery of B & B Insurance, located
at 1521 N. Texas Blvd., on October 4. Perez also led police on a foot chase, which
resulted in his additional charge of Evading. Both men were taken to the Hidalgo
County jail.

Andres Perez                              Omar Rodriguez                                  

          Andres Perez                                         Omar Rodriguez

Ismael Briones, Jr.
Ismael Briones, Jr., age 21

     A recent patrol arrest  was made after officers responded to a burglary in progress
at a residence, located on West 18th Street. The female resident, home alone with her children, heard and saw the intruder on her video surveillance system, as he entered her garage and then her car, which was inside the garage.
     When police arrived on the scene, the intruder had left with her purse, but he was
soon taken into custody by officers. It was discovered he had also committted another
burglary in the county jurisdiction.
      Arrested was Ismael Briones, age 21, of Weslaco.    The Weslaco Municipal judge
set bond at $75,000.    

                                      *     *     *     *     *     *     *          

Garrett Cruz             Juan Zamora, Jr.

                         These young men were arrested during the nighttime hours of 
                   May 18, walking on Utah St. Patrol officers tied them to the burglary
                      of a concession stand at the Little League Field in Rodriguez Park.

                                              *     *     *     *     *     *

Karla Iracheta
In a shoplifting that became violent, this female used the handcuffs
of the J.C Penney security person as a weapon to assault
that security person. In the end, this suspect from Donna
was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

*      *     *     *     *

Erasmo M. Casarez
This longtime resident of Weslaco was recently arrested
on a warrant for Indecency with a Child.

*     *     *     *     *

                             Fernando Rivera, Jr - Aggravated Kidnapping          Samuel Gonzalez - Aggravated Assault

                                        #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #

Francisco Pizana, age 18
Frank Pizana engineered two aggravated robberies
at businesses on Weslaco's Texas Blvd.
Where is he now?
Hidalgo County Jail


             Luis Yanez, age 21
Luis Yanez pulled a gun on Walmart's Loss Control personnel.
He is now in jail.

#     #     #     #     #     #     #    






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